WordPress is used by 23% of the websites available online but there are other CMS systems available as well. While WordPress is great for blogs, and small content-based business websites, other platforms like Drupal fare better for bigger, enterprise-level websites. Drupal has a steeper learning curve so developers and website designers need to spend more time trying to understand how to use it to its full potential. At Easy Website Care, we have worked with this platform for many years and understand how it works. This knowledge allows us to maintain it effectively.

What’s Included in our Drupal Maintenance Services?

  • Core Security Updates – The core is the foundation of the website that includes the basic framework and features. If the core is strong and secure, the website will perform well. Drupal publishes a list of security vulnerabilities on their website and regularly releases patches to those threats. We make sure those patches and upgrades are applied to your website promptly so it’s secure at all times.
  • Plugin Updates – Plugins are designed to provide additional functionality and special features to a website. These modules help in customizing the website to the owner’s requirements. These modules also need to be updated as soon as the patches and upgrades are released as they can compromise the quality and efficiency of the website.
  • Content/Database Backups – Data loss is always a possibility, regardless of how well-maintained the website is. We backup the website at a scheduled time to help minimize data loss. If the host server is compromised and the website crashes, we can restore it from a backup.
  • Performance Test – Website performance can dwindle over time if it’s not maintained well. We examine every aspect of the website to ensure it loads quickly, is user-friendly, doesn’t have any malware, and delivers a reliable performance.
  • Database Optimization – We optimize the data stored in the database to ensure it isn’t corrupted and can be retrieved quickly. This helps improve the overall performance of the website and makes it user-friendly as well.

Our team will also carry out image optimization by reducing the file size, check and repair 404 & broken links, and do a basic SEO setup to ensure the website is more appealing to search engines.

If you want to know more about our services here at Easy Website Care, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our customer care executive will answer all of your questions so you can choose the service needed.

Drupal - Lite
Monthly website backup
Monthly Database backup
Monthly Security Scans
Monthly Module and Security Updates
Monthly SEO report
Monthly Analytics Report
Monthly Broken Link Scan
Drupal - Pro
Weekly website backup
Weekly Database backup
Weekly Security Scans
Bi-Weekly Module and Security Updates
Bi-Weekly SEO report
Bi-Weekly Analytics Report
Bi-Weekly Broken Link Scan
Drupal - Ultimate
Daily website backup
Daily Database backup
Daily Security Scans
Weekly Module and Security Updates
Weekly SEO report
Weekly Analytics Report
Weekly Broken Link Scan